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CCTV Accesories

Find in this section our catalog of CCTV Accessories, designed for all types of environments and needs.
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If you have or want to install your closed television system in your home or business, it is always important to have the CCTV Accessories on hand so that your system remains working perfectly.

A closed circuit television is sometimes a necessity; We understand it and we bring you a wide variety of CCTV cables and Accessories.

All of them of great quality and even excellent price so that you can complement or install a closed circuit system that will be very useful.

In the first place, it is important that you remember that it is not necessary to spend so much money to protect what you want.

In this way we offer you the ideal items for your CCTV installations, you can find:

  • Power connectors with male plug or jack,
  • CCTV cables,
  • In the same way you can find video extenders through network cable or power sources to place up to 9 cameras,
  • adapters with BNC to RCA connectors to connect a DVR,
  • coaxial cable with power, among other items at very affordable prices and quality professional,

Remember all CCTV Accessories with the best prices!

Security camera accessories:

In our online store you will find the largest variety of accessories for security cameras.


Category intended for all types of feeders, connectors or power supplies for surveillance cameras. In addition to UPS, distribution boxes, etc.


All types of wiring for surveillance systems: UTP cables, HDMI cables, coaxial cables, DVI cables, video and power cables, cable reels, BNC connections among others.


This category is aimed at surveillance system connectors: Universal BNC and RCA connectors, RJ45 connectors for crimping, DC connectors, jack connectors as well as power connectors, among others.

Video distributors:

It is made up of video distributors also known as signal amplifiers. We have signal multipliers with VGA, BNC, S-VIDEO, CVBS, HDMI inputs, etc.


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