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In these times security is an essential aspect of every day and in Camera to Secure we know it.

That is why we want you to feel calm and with your assets safe, we put video surveillance devices at your fingertips that help you to know everything that happens while you are away.

Find in this section our catalog of diferents 2MP 4CH  DVRs and dierent type of products designed for all types of environments and needs.

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It is important to remember that there are two types of CCTV systems:

Analog and IP-based.

The former use continuous electrical type signals that are transported in a physical or wireless medium between the camera and the recording system.

While network or IP video systems use digital type signals In fact also transmitted by physical or wireless means. wireless, but under the TCP / IP protocol in Ethernet-type networks.

Video and recording signal management systems are commonly referred to as DVR`s (Digital Video Recorder) for analog video systems.

In fact projects or small applications, the same DVR`s with software that most manufacturers provide along with the equipment fulfills the functions of video management and recording.

First of all the most used physical medium for transmission of the analog video signal between the camera and the DVR is the coaxial cable.

However, the use of twisted pair cable (UTP), plus the implementation of video-balun’s is increasingly common due to the lower cost that this type of cable represents compared to coaxial.

There are two types of DVR systems

DVR`s based on the implantation of video capture cards in a PC machine (personal computer), In fact where the vast majority are installed internally on a PCI slot, but there are also external equipment by connection to a USB port.

It's more the operating system is generally Windows and in some cases Linux.

Meanwhile the supplied software is installed on the same PC and through this the live video and recording is managed.

Thus the dedicated or standalone DVR`s incorporate the operating system embedded in the internal memory of the equipment that is only dedicated to optimizing the resources of the machine for video and storage management.

Currently they offer a better solution due to the low costs that they represent, Really given the high offer of them in the market.

Of course this varies according to the model, technical specifications and brand, but they are more stable machines.

For this reason with lower consumption of energy and less prone to failure as they are manufactured for continuous use.

Similarly are specifically designed for video surveillance, Really and are more robust in harsh environments.

DVRs can be classified basically by:
Number of channels or number of cameras that can be connected to the equipment.

Commonly the models that are most manufactured are:

DVR’s 16CH * 2MP
16CH * 5MP
5MP DVRs * 32CH
DVR’s 4CH * 5MP
2MP * 8CH DVRs
5MP * 8CH DVRs
Following with It should also be noted that some brands manufacture 9, 24, 48 channel models.

Then Really the type of technology you use for the different video formats:

HDCVI: High Definition Video Composite Interface developed by DAHUA.
HDTVI: open standard high definition video transport interface developed in Silicon Valley, adopted by HIKVISION under the name TURBO HD.
AHD: Analog High Definition developed by Nextchip Korea.


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