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Home Security Cameras in Tampa: The security that your home and business need.

Keeping our loved ones and belongings safe has always been a priority for everyone, the growth and rapid development of security systems, including Home Security Cameras in Tampa, has greatly facilitated this task.

In this way, the constant progress of technology has led the security sector, especially in recent years, to offer the market increasingly efficient products for all needs and at very competitive prices.

If you go and leave your home or business and want to be calm, a security system with surveillance cameras is an ideal solution since they allow you to control them from your mobile.

Previously, the only option that existed to maintain the security of our assets was to hire the services of a private security company.

This company installed the traditional movement sensors so that the alarm goes off when someone accesses the property.

But with the growth and popularization of home video surveillance cameras, this panorama has changed, intelligent systems allow us to control all aspects of security and functionality from anywhere.

It is simply enough to have an Internet connection and an application installed on the mobile phone, with this it is simply possible to control what happens in the home or business and receive notifications when an intruder is detected and even activate an audible alarm.

And best of all without additional costs.

One of the aspects in which the most progress has been made in the field of Home Security Cameras in Tampa is the improvement in the quality of the image to Full HD and in the same way the improvement in the ability to save videos of important events in a memory card, Dropbox or FTP.

There is also the possibility of expanding its security features with the integration of other systems such as door and window sensors that notify if they detect movement or that one of them is opened.

In addition to notifying movements in the home, it identifies who is inside the house and sends a photograph.

These months of pandemic, we have seen in the media numerous cases of occupation of homes that were left empty by the coronavirus, with the consequent struggles and destruction that they entail.

More and more people are buying home video surveillance cameras with which to control second homes or their own home when they go on vacation.

A much cheaper option than hiring a security alarm and that allows you to control it from your own mobile.

What are the advantages of Home Security Cameras in Tampa?

Features And Aspects To install Home Security Cameras in Tampa, you must take into account some elements:

To be able to see the images on the mobile.

More and more indoor cameras come with an app with which to see what is happening in your home live.


  • In order not to have to be constantly looking at the mobile or the video like a paranoid, some cameras incorporate alarms to their motion sensors or to their noise sensors.
  • In this way, if you have left your residence alone, it will notify you directly if something or someone has entered.

Be able to program it.

  • Either through the app or the device itself, if you can determine when it turns on and off, you can avoid false alarms.

Facial recognition.

  • Another option to regulate the alerts is that the same camera recognizes or not the individual.
  • If your face is not included in your database, the alarms will go off.
  • In this sense, it is also important that you know how to differentiate human movement from other movements, to avoid false alarms again.

Night vision.

  • As robberies usually occur at night mainly, taking advantage of the fact that its inhabitants sleep.
  • The incorporation of infrared will allow the cameras to detect this movement and record it clearly.

Cloud recording or memory card storage.

  • As there are many hours of recording, some cameras upload them to the cloud, which allows unlimited storage, although with images with a lower resolution.
  • In conclusion, nowadays, having a video surveillance system or Home Security Cameras in Tampa is an optimal solution to keep thieves away and protect the home and its inhabitants.
  • We can satisfy our security from a simple surveillance camera that we can buy at an economical price to really complex systems that stand out for their efficiency and home automation.

Types of Home Security Cameras in Tampa

1. Indoor cameras

  • They are the simplest that we can find on the market and the cheapest since they do not need as many mechanisms and protections as those used abroad.

2. Cameras with movement and zoom

They are usually used in large spaces with a security center where one person monitors and watches over the cameras.

These robotic cameras that have the properties of movement over pan, tilt and zoom.

3. Infrared cameras or night vision

  • This type of instrument is used in surveillance where there are poorly lit spaces.
  • They normally record all day and at night they automatically turn on their infrared with black and white vision.
  • The most expensive on the market for LED night vision.
  • They are used as video surveillance cameras within a CCTV installation… What is a CCTV system? They are the acronym for closed circuit television.
  • Which forms video surveillance technology to monitor a diversity of activities and environments where its components are linked to each other.

4.- Hidden cameras

  • They are the so-called spy cameras to monitor and watch a home, office or business going 100% unnoticed.
  • Its introduced inside some object how; motion sensors, smoke detectors, plugs … etc.

5.- IP cameras

  • The IP camera are those that connect directly to the Internet showing the image it displays.
  • They are the most used and sold on the market since they currently also incorporate Wi-Fi and you can manage them and view the images they capture from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • The main advantage of the IP camera resides in the fact that it is a video surveillance device allowing images to be viewed in real time from a distance, through connection with an Internet IP address.
  • We can find them for sale with technical specifications for normal consumption, for home, or more developed for professionals.

As we can see in the following image there are a lot of shapes and models, which also include other functions such as wifi ip camera:

6.- Vandal resistant cameras

  • They are used in public transit areas vulnerable to theft and possible attacks. It is mounted on a fixed and resistant casing.
  • It is often used a lot in warehouses, parking lots, nightclubs, public roads and in general in any outdoor space.

7.- Wi-Fi or wireless cameras

  • They are those that are not directly connected by a cable. It usually has a battery that powers them and transmits data over WiFi.
  • They are the ones used inside the home, for example, to see how the children or the baby are doing, and technology has also been incorporated into the IP cameras to work directly with internet monitoring.

Outdoor cameras

This type of cameras are designed to resist weather actions (rain, wind … ect) and are used in outdoor spaces. When we buy an outdoor camera, the price is usually more expensive mainly because of the protection housing.

9.- All-in-one cameras

With advances in technology there has been a reduction in the price of the type of camera that you can find in a store.

So they have been incorporating different elements so that they can have more functions.

For example, there are models that are both indoor and outdoor, that use Wi-Fi and monitoring is through the Internet, either on a computer or mobile.

In the end we can have a security installation with cameras as complex as we want and more if we use home automation in the home installation.

They are also classified and distinguished according to their shape, which can mainly be the following.

Although currently the imagination goes very far in their designs:

  • Cube cameras (Indoor)
  • Box chambers (For interior)
  • Bullet cameras (For exterior)
  • Dome cameras (For indoor and outdoor)