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At camera to Secure we have several years of experience commercializing security equipment and systems, which allows us to give you an overview of the use and support of network or internet cameras that are normally marketed as IP cameras.

These cameras are quite popular because they are used to keep an eye on your property, your family and your pets.

It is important to mention that they also provide live video and audio signals and the broadcasts can be accessed remotely via a web browser.

But many of the IP cameras available on the market are vulnerable to digital intrusion, so when shopping and using one of these devices, it is very important that you consider the security features.

Similarly, there are a number of benefits that network or internet cameras offer over other security circuits.

In addition to these recording media, cameras offer practical advantages over the alternatives of closed security systems, these benefits will be mentioned below:

You do not need coaxial cable.

  • Because the cameras operate with bandwidth, WI-FI, or mobile internet, it is not necessary to install coaxial cable for each of the cameras to work.
  • An IP security system transmits over a network or the internet, without the need to install other software or add additional monitoring equipment.
  • The sound and data can be transmitted over one connection, you don’t need separate audio cables.
  • Audio can be easily streamed and recorded for security purposes.

Remote accessibility of network or internet cameras.

  • Because the cameras are installed over a network, they can be configured to access them remotely.
  • This capability allows users to start section and view recorded video anytime from anywhere.
  • Remote access is particularly ideal for anyone who may need to monitor a home or property for security or personal access when this person is not on site.

Image quality.

  • The high resolution graphics recorded on network or internet cameras or digital IP camera provide a clean image to view and review.
  • Clarity of the image.
  • It is easy to recognize faces, objects, people and other details recorded by the camera.
  • There is no loss of image quality or reviewing recordings, because the data is recorded digitally rather than being converted from analog to digital.


There is no camera limit.

  • There is no limit to the number of cameras that can be installed in an IP security system.
  • As long as there is sufficient signal bandwidth or data transmission, the cameras can be installed as desired.

System based on needs.

  • Because the IP camera system does not require additional cables like closed circuit systems do, the network can be as small or as large as it needs to be.
  • It can be easily expanded at any time and other systems can be added to the network at any time without having to drastically change its structure.

Video management.

  • Video data is affordable, easy to review, and scanned into a digital format.
  • Because all data is recorded in digital format, the PLAYBACK option is easy to access.
  • Any recorded or real-time data can be quickly reviewed from anywhere.
  • In a place where there may be too much data to review or long recorded files, the software can be purchased by a more advanced system with built-in analysis systems.
  • This intelligent system will respond to pre-programmed commands such as motion detection, sound detection, alarm handling, and management events.
  • A specific event can be scheduled for the system to respond.
  • All this data can be recorded and organized in whatever way is most practical for the user, including by camera, place, date or other type of event.

Integration of network or internet cameras with other systems.

  • A digital system that is organized around an existing internet or WI-FI network can be easily integrated with other systems running on the same network.
  • For example, in a retail business this may include integration with a technology point of sale or in a building or property management.
  • This may include integration with alarm systems.

Effective cost.

  • Due to the small infrastructure that is required for installation and use, IP cameras offer a more budget-friendly solution than traditional closed security systems.
  • Most homes and businesses already have some type of network on which to install network or internet cameras.
  • As we mentioned previously, if a network is already located in a point of sale or alarm systems, carrying a video network in these cases reduces costs.
  • Because these systems can operate regardless of the size of the network, it is only necessary to buy the number of cameras that is required or that fits a specific budget.
  • To the purchase of the monitor is not a necessity since the image can be viewed on the internet from any computer.

Power over Ethernet.

  • Some of the higher-end IP cameras have the ability to operate over a network without a power source, hence the name PoE or Power over Ethernet.
  • The ethernet cable provides the necessary force for the camera to operate.