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NVR’s 8CH *4K

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What is an NVR for IP cameras? What is it used for with Security and Surveillance Cameras?

The acronym NVR stands for (Network Video Recorder), An NVR can be a physical device or a software that is installed on a computer.

An NVR is very similar to a DVR, the difference is that the DVR digitizes, records and manages images sent from analog security cameras, while an NVR records and manages already digital images which are sent from IP cameras through a network.

So a DVR is used when we have analog cameras in our security camera system, and an NVR is used when we have IP security cameras.

Stand Alone NVRs are physical equipment (electronic and embedded soft) in a closed cabinet.

The NVRs based on computers or PCs, are simply a software that is installed in a computer and manages our IP cameras.

Broadly speaking, the power of this equipment is given by the number of IP cameras that it can manage and at what resolution it can handle them.

To date, these devices are the top of the range when it comes to video surveillance.

There are also hybrid equipment, capable of managing analog security cameras and IP cameras at the same time.

The Networking Video Recorder (NVR) translated into Spanish as network video recorder, are physical smart devices or programs that allow companies that have electronic security to operate different IP or wireless cameras configured to a network.

Its work is indispensable and highly functional to store data digitally thanks to a hard disk that allows saving both low and high resolution images.

These network recorders are essential when you want to connect a surveillance system that has several IP cameras, where the image quality usually ranges from 720p to 4k, with 30 frames per second (FPS).

This indicates an excellent video quality for a closed circuit television in charge of monitoring and overseeing what happens inside the facilities of your home, business or company.

The expansion of the NVR for cameras is flexible, its installation is really simple and it has adaptable software according to your needs.

You can connect it to your monitor, screen, TV, or any device with access to the network.

To date, NVRs are the top of the range when it comes to video surveillance, there are also hybrid teams capable of managing different types of cameras at the same time.

However, that depends on the availability that the entity has or wishes to install.

With regard to our years of experience, we have provided the solutions that each sector needs, always guaranteeing the best quality, with personalized attention and custom designs.

For this reason, it is vitally important to know in depth each requirement and risk level of each asset.

The solutions we offer are always made up of components and services that are integrated to make the supervision, storage and administration of images more efficient in order to guarantee the protection of your heritage and human life.

If you want to know a little about how to choose appropriate security cameras go here.

We offer you the best technology specialized in:

  • NVR’s
    • NVR’s 16CH
      • NVR’s 16CH *2MP
      • NVR’s 16CH *4K
    • NVR’s 4CH
      • NVR’s 4CH *2MP
      • NVR’s 4CH *4K
    • NVR’s 8CH
      • NVR’s 8CH *2MP
      • NVR’s 8CH *4K

If you want to implement this system and enjoy its benefits, we offer you prevention against different risks of intrusion or theft.

We have the appropriate technology and knowledge to modernize your electronic security system, as well as the implementation of strategies that guarantee the surveillance and protection of your assets.


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