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Security HD Cameras

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In the first place today, having a video surveillance system or HD security cameras is an optimal solution to keep thieves out and protect the home and its inhabitants.

Again the need to feel safe and have an efficient security system has grown exponentially around the world.

Such as video monitoring, known as CCTV, is among the most sought after solutions.

Where can HD security cameras be used?

  • Store: to identify movements in the box, shelves, customer management;
  • Condominiums, houses and businesses: it is possible to register the people who pass through the different entrances;
  • Parking lots: it also makes it easier to read license plates on doors.

Moreover in indoor and outdoor areas, these cameras can identify details, including facial details, from up to 7.5 meters away.

As well as In addition to providing more detail, HD cameras still cover a larger area than conventional cameras, especially meaning fewer cameras are needed to cover more space.

Advantages of wireless security cameras

  • Installation cost savings: by operating via wireless connection, the cost savings in wiring and ducting are very high (provided they have access to a power point).
  • Easy and clean installation: they can be installed quickly and easily without the need for work.
  • Flexibility in location: since they do not need a cable, they can be installed very easily where desired and if once installed, it is necessary to move them to another location, it can be done quickly and easily, simply move the camera to another covered space Wifi.

HD Security Camera System

High Definition Video Surveillance Solutions

Equally important as leaders and innovators in the security industry.

Including Lorex is proud to present a range of powerful and affordable HD security solutions that leave nothing to the imagination.

The fact that Lorex HD security systems can be separated into three main categories:

  • Digital IP,
  • Analog MPX,
  • and Wire-Free.

Included HD cameras are fully weatherproof and include long-range night vision.

Each type of system comes with a professional grade DVR (analog / wireless / wire-free) or NVR (digital IP) that can store weeks (even months) of HD video and can be accessed remotely so you can stay connected from virtually anywhere in the world.


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