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HD Dome Cameras *3MP

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in the first place surveillance Hd Security cameras are very interesting security devices in a wide variety of situations.

But also specifically, what they do is record, in a disguised way, everything that happens in a certain space so that, later, it can be viewed by the owner.

Likewise, some of them also broadcast live, which offers the possibility of carrying out an exhaustive control of a situation in real time.

In fact, the latter put aside the task of warding off thieves and malicious people and focus, equally in many cases, on the care of babies, the elderly or people with mobility problems of any kind.

Security cameras

How to invest in Surveillance and Security Cameras

The CCTV Kits are very easy to assemble and work without having to pay any monthly fee.

If you have internet in the place where you want to install the equipment, you can connect it for free.


You can view the surveillance cameras online, from anywhere in the world or from any mobile phone.

Equally important Generally, no technician is required to install the equipment, thanks to the illustrated installation manual.

In addition In Camera to Secure we handle the following lines in HD Security Cameras:

  • Security HD Cameras
  • HD Bullet Cameras
    • HD Bullet Cameras * 2MP
    • HD Bullet Cameras * 5MP
  • HD Dome cameras
    • HD Dome Cameras * 2MP
    • HD Dome Cameras * 3MP
    • HD Dome Cameras * 5MP
    • HD Dome Cameras * SDI 2MP
  • PTZ Cameras

in the same way CCTV Kits are manufactured with the purpose of operating 24 hours a day and can offer us security for a lifetime. Therefore, it is good to take some time to select the most suitable for your needs. Making this decision is simple, we can help you choose the best security system for your home or business.


    Not to mention If you need a Security Camera kit, you have to know that you can choose between two types of cameras:

    • Analog Cameras - cheaper and more reliable.
    • IP Cameras with new technology, have better image quality.

    Many of the current Security Cameras that are sold in the market, have a very low resolution, so we decided to go further, and offer in all our video recorder models, "DVR", built-in HDMI and in our video cameras. surveillance a minimum resolution of 800TVL.

    Regarding the use of Video Surveillance Systems, they are used in a wide field of activities, from domestic to professional, reaching the highest security requirements in banking entities and official organizations.

    • In the domestic sphere, (flats, houses or villas), we can choose between the most basic ranges of security cameras, low resolution (600TVL), –or high resolution security cameras (1200TVL), if a high resolution is required. picture quality.
    • In the professional environment, we can choose solutions for all needs, from a 1200TVL surveillance camera, to 3 or 5MP IP cameras, security solutions for the most demanding companies and businesses.


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