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There are many advantages of surveillance cameras, both for security and functionality

Alarm systems have a double function:

First, it is to deter intrusion into the home and, if it occurs, to be able to detect it and notify the appropriate person as quickly as possible, but also:

  • Although it may seem a lie, the psychological aspect is important, since this anti-theft system provides “peace of mind” to the users of the house
  • Recognizing that they can be warned while trying to enter the house.
  • Discourage possible theft since they are really visible.
  • They are relatively inexpensive and the range of prices for sale in the market is wide.
  • Surveillance cameras are extremely useful as they allow you to monitor the activities of people visiting your home and office,
  • as well as events.
  • We have a record of what happens.
  • Collect evidence of possible crimes – burglaries that are practiced in the home.
  • It can help you make correct and fair decisions when resolving disputes, both at home and professionally.
  • we have pictures to resolve disputes.

Everything is not so beautiful, it must be said that there are some disadvantages how;

surveillance cameras privacy problems, complex facilities are not cheap, theft cannot be stopped “in situ” but it is a warning and registration measure

The same way and being an electronic system, in the worst case, we have hackers .

Image quality in surveillance cameras

An important issue is to know the quality of the image of the camera that we are going to receive from our installed device.

We leave a small comparative summary table of the most common characteristics according to whether it is analog.

In IP, in HDS DI (Full HD) and HDS CVI (High Definition Video):

  • surveillance camera image quality
  • Comparative image quality surveillance cameras

What security camera to buy?

Before buying a video camera surveillance system.

You should think and plan well what we really need to recognize which areas we have to monitor and what economic budget we have.

We can follow the following steps

What functions do you need for surveillance cameras?

Decide if you want to avoid only intrusions or also use the system in case of robbery,

medical emergencies or to control the entry of people (relatives, children, employees, etc.)

We have to determine the type of control we need.

If we only want the images to be recorded or we want to see what is happening through the mobile another device.

To mount a security system it is important to point out the weaknesses of the house on a small sketch – sketch, that is to say, the main entrances:

  • doors,
  • windows,
  • garage,
  • balconies.

Look at the possible locations of the cameras for surveillance cameras.

For example, if there are places that can be accessed, but there is nothing of value (a shed in the garbage garden or a separate garage).

You should think about whether in these spaces you really need security.

You must consider the number of users of the house.

The installation should be practical and its activation or deactivation also; either with a remote control, by voice, keyboard, by mobile … etc.

Look at the image quality, better if it is HD 1080P.

Finally, you must determine the degree of action, that is, if a theft occurs, how will I be notified.

Either by SMS to the mobile phone, by means of an audible alarm or a system connected to a CRA (Alert Reception Center) that connects the police.

If we do not want high claims and a surveillance camera with a very reasonable quality – price ratio.

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