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The Chinese government surveillance camera network is internationally known for being at the forefront of technology, especially for its precision in facial recognition.

The effects of its use on the privacy of the country’s citizens, an aspect often denounced by human rights organizations, is the subject of discussion inside and outside the territory.

And, the same technology that is used to increase security in the streets could also be used to find political dissidents and enemies of the people, if this were the end.

Chinese cities lead the ranking of the towns with a large population with the most public security cameras installed on their streets, with seven of the eight with the highest proportion of these devices within this territory.

London is the only European city to make it into the rankings, with 68.4 cameras per 1,000 inhabitants.

Madrid, the only Spanish city that is part of the study, is ranked 39 in the international ranking, made up of 140 cities in total, with 4.42 devices for every 1,000 people.

China, the United States and Germany are the countries with the largest number of surveillance cameras in the world.

However, the United States has more CCTV cameras per capita, so in terms of the number of cameras per person it is still a clear leader in the world.
At the same time, 8 of the top 10 cities in the world with the most installed surveillance cameras are in China.

London and New Delhi were the other two cities in the top 10.

Surveillance cameras are expanding around the world

The number of surveillance cameras is expanding around the world for governments to have control over their populations.

However, this trend is generating concerns among citizens who feel that their privacy is affected by the installation of millions of CCTV cameras in cities on all continents.

China has at least 200 million cameras installed in the country. This is the nation with the most significant number of installed surveillance cameras in the world.

However, China is not alone; Other countries like the United States and Germany have 50 million and 5.2 million CCTV cameras each.

The list continues with other countries with more than 1 million cameras.

  • The UK has 5 million CCTV cameras installed,
  • followed by Japan with 5 million,
  • Vietnam with 2.6 million,
  • France with 1.65 million,
  • South Korea with 1.03 million
  • and the Netherlands with 1 million.

The United States has 15.28 CCTV cameras per 100 individuals, followed by China with 14.36 and the United Kingdom with 7.5. Other top 10 countries include Germany with 6.27 cameras per 100 individuals, the Netherlands 5.8, Australia 4, Japan 2.72, France 2.46 and South Korea 1.99.

India, Russia and Brazil reported data on their CCTV cameras in some cities.

That is why the results will be surprisingly lower than the average for other countries. Russia has around 196,000 CCTV cameras installed between Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

India has reported data from 9 different cities accumulating 274,784 surveillance cameras.

New Delhi, Chennai, and Pune were the cities that reported the highest number of CCTV cameras at 179k, 50k, and 11.29k, respectively.

Finally, Brazil provided information on ten of the largest cities in the country.

The most important cities are Salvador with 7,300 cameras, Rio de Janeiro with 4,500 and Sao Paulo with 2,623 cameras. However, the total number of chambers in selected cities is 22,384.

As mentioned above, the study believes that this number will be much higher in Russia, India, and Brazil.

The countries do not provide all the information about each of the cities in their respective territories.

City surveillance

8 of the top 10 cities with the highest number of CCTV cameras are in China.

The top three cities are SHanghai with 2,985,984 cameras, followed by Chongqing with 2,579,890 units, and Shenzhen with 1,929,600 surveillance devices.

The top 10 include:

  • Tianjin (1,244,160),
  • Beijing (800,000),
  • Guangzhou (684,000),
  • London (627,707),
  • Ji’nan (540,463),
  • Wuhan (500,000) and
  • New Delhi (179,000).

These ten major cities have an average of 14.35 million citizens, which means that they are large cities that must be controlled and policed.

Meanwhile, some reported cities in the United States include Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Washington D.C., San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, Houston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Miami, Dallas, and Los Angeles. However, many other cities were left off the list.

Chicago had 35,000 cameras, followed by New York with 11,000 reported cameras, Atlanta with 7,800, and Washington D.C., 4,000.

In terms of CCTV cameras per 100 people, we have Chongqing with 16.80 cameras, Shenzhen with 15.90 and Shanghai 11.34.

China also controls the top 10 with eight cities. London was in sixth position with 6.84 cameras for every 100 people and Atlanta in 10th position with 1.55 cameras for every 100 citizens.